Plain-Spoken Grace

Brokenness w/ Pro-Life Speaker Steventhen Holland

February 12, 2021

Ep. 106 | Guest: Steventhen Holland


When a 16-year-old Georgia boy found a mentally challenged, 9-month-pregnant runaway living in a box behind a convenience store, he brought her home and asked his parents if “we could keep her.” They tried, but she ran away – again. The first time she ran away was to escape a scheduled abortion – to save the child she knew she wanted, but had no ability to care for. That child was Steventhen Holland.

In this episode of Plain-Spoken Grace, Chip and Steventhen unpack the story of this and other heros in Steventhen’s life – the foster family who adopts him after a fierce legal battle; they and the community that help raise him; finding his biological uncle who eventually reconnects him with his birth mother.


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